Career development

If you want professional help and someone with whom you can exchange ideas regarding the development of your career, we have several options on offer.

Personal development process

With a personal development plan, you can take decisive steps in furthering your career. Via tests and dialogue, we join forces with you to establish the skills you wish to strengthen so as to further your career.

We would normally base our approach on a competence-based personality test and an assessment interview, where the dialogue format uses your present work situation as a starting point, which forms the background to a subsequent dialogue process. The length of time we propose for this process can vary. It is completely up to you and your ambitions.


Leader sparring

Get a sparring partner for your specific problem area. As a manager you may, from time to time, feel the need for an external sparring partner who can help you progress in a specific problem area or development project, be it personnel management, organisational questions, or business development.

Do you want to know more?

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