The road to the perfect match

For both company and candidate

Each new match between a company and a member of staff becomes a launch pad for further development. For this reason, Talent for People carries out an extensive analysis of both the company and the market for potential candidates. Insight into the job in question, your organisational situation and company goals, give us the opportunity to hand-pick those potential candidates who may be just the ones who can push the company forward. In a similar way, we cultivate contacts in the job candidate market and amongst candidates themselves. Thus, we have a network in place which is there for the benefit of your company. During the assessment of candidates, we use a competence based testing system. A single test will never be the sole basis for a final decision but it can be an inspiring and quite precise tool to have at hand during personal interviews with the candidate.


Our recruitment services

Search/recruitment of managers and specialists

Search/recruitment from start to finish where Talent for People facilitates the process in close cooperation with your company.

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Executive search

Targeted search for qualified top talents for your company.

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Talent for People performs professional assessments of individual candidates – based on extensive testing, among other things.

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The recruitment process

No two recruitment processes are ever alike, and they are all tailored to your company’s needs; yet, the following shows a typical course.

1. Job & candidate profile
2. Advertisement & search
3. First interview
4. Middle round
5. Assessment & references
6. Final meeting
7. Contract
8. Survey & follow-up

Other services

Executive outplacement

Tailor-made courses with professional sparring for a terminated employee’s further career.

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Sparring and leadership development

Get a professional sounding board for your managerial challenges.

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