Every match must bring both the candidate and the company further in their development.

Equal dialogue with the candidate

At Talent for People we believe that an open and informal tone provides the best basis for equal dialogue. In our search for the right match, we place an emphasis on human values which originate in life experience, training, professional experience, results and the private sphere. The match is made on the basis of the whole person, and this is best brought to light when the atmosphere is enjoyable and inspiring.

Confidentiality and integrity

A precondition for open discussion is, of course, that we handle all personal details and information in the strictest confidence. For this reason, we handle all the information we acquire when assessing a match between a person and a company with the utmost respect for the candidate’s personal integrity, and – naturally – in compliance with the GDPR regulation.

Likewise, we generally do not publish references from our clients. If you want to hear what others say about our performance, our policy is to handle that as an individual query. You are therefore always very welcome to contact us.
You can also see our satisfaction score results on this page, as we evaluate all completed recruitments using a satisfaction survey.